“Reads like a Graham Greene thriller — only it’s true”
James L. Gelvin (book blurb)

“Exceptional book”
Charles Tripp (book blurb)

“Azzam’s role cannot be fully appreciated without this valuable book”
Lawrence Wright (book blurb)

“Instant classic”
Jacques Raillane, Le Monde

“Recent history at its finest”
Ian Black, The Observer

“Meticulous and vivid”
Jonathan Benthall, Times Literary Supplement

“Informative and entertaining”
James Barnett, The American Interest

“If you want to understand contemporary Islamic extremism, you need to understand Azzam and his work”
Jason Burke, The Guardian

“The book’s major achievement is to show how Azzam’s actions laid the groundwork for everything that was to come”
Lydia Wilson, Times Literary Supplement

“If you really want to understand the origins of al-Qaeda, Heghammer’s book should join those of Lawrence Wright and Marc Sageman on your reading list.”
Brad Carson, War on the Rocks

“Accessible and of immense value to the specialist and informed reader alike”
Tam Hussein, The New Arab

“An exemplary microhistory of an important individual … merits a far wider audience”
Siddarth Singh, Open Magazine

“Thoroughly informative”
Wasiq Wasiq, Clarion Project

“A pleasure to read”
Asim Qureshi, Critical Studies on Terrorism

“Once the reader gets immersed, the book can no longer be put aside”
János Besenyő, Strategic Impact

“In-depth, extensively researched, and comprehensive”
Joshua Sinai, Perspectives on Terrorism

“Een erg interessant boek”
Caroline Roelants, NRC Handelsblad

“Quasi come un romanzo”
Alessandra De Poli, Oasis [English version]

“Azzam selv – dersom han var i live og i stand til å lese boken – ville ha vært fornøyd med resultatet”
Kassem Hamadé, Morgenbladet og Expressen

“Det er gjennom Hegghammers bok vi for første gang får vite hvor viktig og innflytelsesrik denne mannen var”
Jan Erik Smilden, Agenda Magasin

“Guides us with remarkable clarity through the complex trajectory of Islamist politics”
Saer al-Jaichi and Mona Kanwal Sheikh, Journal of Religion and Violence

“A riveting and informative read”
Marwan M. Kraidy, Current History

“Masterful book”
Craig Whiteside, The Strategy Bridge

“In-depth biography … takes us on a journey with Azzam”
Muhammad Abd al-Aziz,

“Un ouvrage imposant dans tous les sens du terme”
Mark Hecker, Politique Etrangère

“Hegghammer has two objectives: to establish exactly Azzam’s role in the unraveling of global jihadism and to offer a pirate’s trove of new information on its history. He is remarkably successful in both”
José S. Vericat, Journal of Palestine Studies

“Exhaustively researched and highly readable”
Thomas Searle, Special Operations Journal

“Never gets tiring … an instant classic”
Sebastian Elischer, Perspectives on Politics

“thorough research”
Elena Darvis Tabar, Centre for Mediterranean, Middle East and Islamic Studies Book Reviews

“Careful, impressive, and comprehensive work”
Simon Wolfgang Fuchs, International Journal of Middle East Studies

“Not a dry academic text; it’s simply a good read for anyone interested in some of the most significant developments in modern history”
Ilan Fuchs, Field Office America

“Hegghammer’s massive research effort makes this essential reading for all scholars studying terrorism”
S. Waalkes, Choice

“More than just a biography of one of the most influential radical ideologues of modern jihadism”
Hayat Ashraf Dar, India Quarterly

“Recent history at its finest”
Mayukh Saha, The Armenian Reporter

“It is, in short, an outstanding analysis of much of the background and factors that influence the politics of the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa today”
George Joffé, Journal of Islamic Studies

“An exemplary biography of one of the most significant key figures in the struggle for the image of contemporary Islam”
Yoav Di-Capua, Hazman Hazeh

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