“For anyone wishing to understand the story of global jihad, understanding the life and thought of Abdallah Azzam is essential. Hegghammer provides a first-rate guidebook. Meticulously researched, The Caravan reads like a Graham Greene thriller– only it’s true.”
James L. Gelvin, Professor of History, UCLA

“Thomas Hegghammer’s exceptional book is a detailed account of the life of Abdallah Azzam, Islamist ideologue, activist, and organiser. It is a fascinating story in itself, told with forensic skill and a powerful sense of place and time. But it is also much more than this. Through this narrative of Azzam’s ideas and activities we get an unparalleled insight into the many dimensions of the world of transnational Islamism.
Charles R. H. Tripp, Professor of Politics, SOAS

“Thomas Hegghammer’s long-awaited biography of Abdallah Azzam turns out to be more than an interesting account of his life. It is about the rise of global jihadism, an entirely new phenomenon in the 20th century. Azzam’s role cannot be fully appreciated without this valuable book.”
Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

“The most interesting, innovative and novel book on Islamism since Stephane LaCroix’s Awakening Islam
Marc Lynch, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University

“I can’t recommend this biography more […] If you really want to understand the origins of al-Qaeda, Heghammer’s book should join those of Lawrence Wright and Marc Sageman on your reading list.”
Brad Carson, War on the Rocks

“Accessible and of immense value to the specialist and informed reader alike”
Tam Hussein, The New Arab

“If you want to understand contemporary Islamic extremism, you need to understand Azzam and his work”
Jason Burke, The Guardian

“Meticulous and vivid”
Jonathan Benthall, Times Literary Supplement

“An exemplary microhistory of an important individual … merits a far wider audience”
Siddarth Singh, Open Magazine

“Azzam selv – dersom han var i live og i stand til å lese boken – ville ha vært fornøyd med resultatet”
Kassem Hamadé, Morgenbladet og Expressen

“Det er gjennom Hegghammers bok vi for første gang får vite hvor viktig og innflytelsesrik denne mannen var”
Jan Erik Smilden, Agenda Magasin

“Recent history at its finest”
Ian Black, The Observer

“Thoroughly informative”
Wasiq Wasiq, Clarion Project

“Informative and entertaining”
James Barnett, The American Interest

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